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How can I improve the quality of my lawn?


Use topdressing
Topdressing helps to even out minor undulations in a lawn, break down thatch and improve drainage and tolerance to wear and tear.

Spring is an ideal time to top dress the lawn, although it can be done at any time when the grass is growing actively. The grass surface should be dry to avoid the material sticking to the grass leaves.

Before applying the topdressing, it is advisable to mow the lawn and carry out any other maintenance operations planned, such as spiking/hollow tining and scarification. You should not mow the grass immediately after applying topdressing. This will remove some of the material that you are trying to work into the surface and may cause unnecessary wear to your mower.

Spread the topdressing as evenly as possible and work into the surface with the back of a rake or a stiff brush. Rates of application will vary for different situations, but in spring up to 3 litres (4kg) per square metre is sufficient and in summer up to 1.5 litres (2kg)/m2 is recommended.

Whatever amount you apply, it needs to be worked into the grass surface and should never be so much that it smothers the grass. Once the operation has been completed, there should be no obvious clumps of topdressing on the surface and the grass should be clearly visible. A good shower of rain or watering the lawn (when you have finished) will put the finishing touches to the task.

A high quality grass seed, such as Rolawn Medallion Lawn Seed, can be added to the topdressing to help fill in thin or bare areas in your lawn, saving time and effort overseeding.

This information was supplied by Rolawn Direct

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