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Wormcast and Coir Compost from The Natural Gardener

The Natural Gardener has been banging on about not wasting things for ages. Their ‘Natures Natural Cycle’ brand reflects the fact that whatever they use comes from the soil, and goes back to enhance it after they've used it.

Here's what they have to say about their new wormcast & natural coir compost.

Our new Wormcast and Coir Compost really takes our pledge of not wasting anything forward. Forward to really creating something from waste that will lead to more natural growth.

Waste paper is collected on a weekly ‘paper round’ from offices round and about Herefordshire.
(The companies collected from really reduce their waste and are assured of confidential shredding - worms can’t read - while knowing they are helping the environment.)
This waste paper, plus comfrey and the farm animal’s manure, is fed to millions of Blue Nosed Worms, who chomp away for about a year producing rich, fertile wormcast from all this waste.
Then it is mixed with coir , another waste product, to add lightness.

This rich and light compost is offered in no nonsense 30 kg bags ( recycled of course - the same bags as are used to collect the paper. )

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