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What are the white patches on my Parsley?

My parsley plant has some white markings on its leaves, but I am unable to tell whether this is the leaf itself or whether there is some kind of white coating on it. Ultimately, I want to know if the parsley is safe to eat!?

The plant died back to almost nothing and is now growing very, very slowly. I think it got too dry for a while, which is why there are also some brown edges on the leaves, but these seem different to the white bits. The leaves are not turning more brown.

It is sharing a pot with a big healthy basil plant and the remnants of a tomato plant which has now been cut down to a stump. The pot is getting plenty of water now.


Any plant will become yellow for 2 reasons, too much water or not enough iron.

It looks like too much water, and if it died off earlier and is now coming back then those are the old dead shoots that wanted to come back. Pick them off and it will come back.

Remember the translation of "cut" to us, means "grow" to a plant. Always cut and if it was meant to come back it will (and usually does). If it doesn't it wasn't meant to be on this earth!

Answered by Sue's Custom Gardens from USA, Angel's Camp in October 2011.

Sue's Custom Gardens landscaping services provider.

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