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What pests are attacking my Nerium oleander plant?

I have a Nerium oleander plant which has become infested with small sulphur yellow bugs and lots of little white waxy spots.

These appear around the uppermost leaves and the flowers. The yellow bugs are mostly on the stems and on the undersides of the leaves.

The white stuff is on the top sides of the leaves and around flower buds - I can just about scrape it off with my fingernails. I'm not sure if the white spots are actually a pest or residue from a pesticide I sprayed onto the plant to try to kill the bugs.

The plant is growing in a pot on a balcony in Mallorca, where Nerium oleander thrives just about everywhere, always looking healthy. I don't understand why it's just my plants (this is the second one, I've already thrown one away because of this) that seem to get attacked.

Can you tell me what the problem is and how to deal with it?

The picture shows the white waxy stuff. I wasn't able to get a good picture showing the little yellow bugs, but they sort of look like greenfly.


I'd try a dormant oil spray - I've used it successfully for the orange sucking insects that bother oleander and it does not damage the plant.

Answered by Labour of Love Landscaping & Nursery from USA, Glover in September 2011.

Labour of Love Landscaping & Nursery offers landscaping design/build/maintainance services.

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