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List your services, for FREE

Any knowledgeable amateur gardener or professional gardening business can offer gardening services via Simply create a Gardening Services profile to let customers in your local area know you are available.

Your free Gardening Services profile lets you tell potential customers all about what you can do and why you can offer a good service. You don't need to have your own website, though if you do you can link to it and improve your own search engine ranking.

No bidding wars!
Unlike many other service-finding websites, does not encourage bidding wars. Call it old-fashioned, but we just focus on helping customers find the right person for the job.

Amateur Gardeners

If you are a keen home gardener who'd like to offer gardening, plant care and advice services, then Plant Concierge is the perfect place to let people know you're available.

Many gardening jobs such as weeding, mowing, pruning and planting can be carried out just as well by an experienced gardening enthusiast as by a professional company. As an individual, you may also be able to offer services such as garden coaching and growing advice that larger businesses don’t.

By sharing your gardening knowledge and ability with others, you can earn money while helping your local community become greener.

Your profile includes an area to list relevant qualifications and experience. You don't have to have formal qualifications to offer services via Plant Concierge, but you do need to be genuinely competent and knowledgeable when it comes to plant care. Customers can add reviews to your profile, so the better you satisfy them, the better your rating will be for others to see.

To add your profile, first create your user account and then follow the instructions for creating your Gardening Services profile. If you have already created an account, simply log in (bottom of left-hand column) and add your new profile.

Professional Gardeners, Landscapers, Interiorscapers & Designers

If you have a gardening, landscaping or plant care services business, Plant Concierge gives you a direct line to customers in your local area.

General search engines and local directories aren't geared up for searching by specific service and locality, so your details can easily be missed by the people you most need to see them. But on Plant Concierge your business profile shows up every time it should.

To add your profile, first create your user account and then follow the instructions for creating your Gardening Services profile. If you have already created an account, simply log in (bottom of left-hand column) and add your new profile.

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Local advertising
Profiles matching a user's search are displayed in order of proximity to the searcher's location. You can set your catchment area as widely or as narrowly as you choose, but it will show up higher in results which are closer to the customer doing the searching.
Read what Springwise said about Plant Concierge working within local communities.

Business transactions
Plant Concierge is a directory that helps customers find you. All arrangements and financial transactions are made directly between you and the customer. You are responsible for accurately and honestly describing the services you offer.

Information in visible fields in a published profile is publicly accessible, but non-published information is stored in a secured database where it cannot be accessed by third parties. This information will also not be sold or disclosed to third parties. may however use it to contact you directly about your account, or with information from third parties.

Contact us if you have any questions about Plant Concierge.

Add your profile

To add your Plant Concierge profile, you first need to create a user account. . It only takes a few moments.

After you've created your account you'll need to activate it by clicking a link in the confirmation email you'll receive. NOTE, because this email is automatically generated it could fall into your spam filter / junk folder (especially if you use Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo) so do check there if you don't see the message within a minute or 2. If you cannot find the email after checking your junk mail then please report the problem.

Once your account is activated you can log in and create a new Plant Concierge profile. Just follow the instructions on the screen.