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Laying foundations for long-term pleasure

There's a whole load more to successful garden and landscape design than picking out the plants you like and arranging them prettily. And that applies whether you want to plant up a few beds or containers, do a full garden makeover or completely landscape a property development.

Designing a garden needs understanding of how plants will perform in the long term - how they grow and develop and change through the year.

Skilful combining of shapes, textures, colours and smells can make all the difference between an outdoor space and a complete outdoor experience. A good garden designer knows how to achieve this using plants that suit the light, temperature and soil conditions present - and grow well alongside one another.

A knowledgeable garden designer can create edible gardens that are both attractive and functional, wildlife gardens to help you support and enjoy your local biodiversity, low maintenance gardens, flower gardens or any other type of garden you want. Water garden specialists can design and build ponds with sustainable eco-systems.

Use Plant Concierge to find qualified professional garden designers in your area.

Want to see some cool container gardening ideas?

Check out these inspirational patio container combinations designed by best-selling author Pamela Crawford.
Herbs and Flowers
Tomatoes and Flowers
Yellow squash
Tomatoes on trellis
Flowers and colorful foliage till frost
Dramatic Flower Trio
Easy shade color
Heat Tolerant Color

New container gardening ideas by Pamela Crawford added regularly.
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