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Search tips!

Find the gardening services you need

However big or small your gardening job, Plant Concierge helps you find the right person in your local area to do it.

From somebody to mow the lawn, pull weeds or trim hedges to experienced professionals to carry out a garden makeover to accomplished amateur gardeners who can help you learn about gardening, you’ll find them all on

Find gardeners, landscapers and plant care experts

...because you want somebody else to do the gardening

Find somebody to do the gardening, pull weeds, mow the lawn, prune plants, get rid of garden pests and choose the plants that will grow best in your particular garden.

...because your indoor plants always seem to die

Find somebody to help you choose and care for plants in your home or workplace.

...because you want to eat home-grown food but aren't the vegetable gardening type

Find somebody to help you grow your own food, so you can enjoy its health, taste and environmental benefits even if you don't have the time, confidence or interest for tending to your crops.

Get hands-on gardening advice from your own garden coach

...because you want to get into gardening but don't know where to start

Do gardening websites, gardening forums, TV gardening shows and other gardening advice offerings leave you confused? Do you ever just wish you had a real person to make sense of it all by showing you how to garden and give you all the one-on-one advice you want? Plant Concierge helps you find gardening experts in your local area who offer garden coaching so you can properly understand gardening.

...because you've tried and failed so often that you've given up

If you're frustrated that your plants never seem to grow as well as they should, then maybe you just need some help choosing the right ones.

Find professional garden designers

...because you want an expertly designed garden

Want a garden makeover, a complete new garden or ideas for planting borders or patio containers? Use Plant Concierge to find a garden designer in your area who knows how to make the most of your outdoor space.

Find landscapers and gardeners in your area

...because planting the garden and installing garden features can be hard work

Use Plant Concierge to get help doing the planting and installing garden features such as ornaments, raised beds and patios. Find people to do the digging, prepare the ground, plant plants and set up your garden to grow well.